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Italian Americans have a lot of pride in being Italian. For some, being Italian means they are part of a culturally distinct people. For others it is pride in the accomplishments and contributions of Italian-Americans in every field of endeavor who have shaped America as we know it. 

Italian culture is widely accepted and embraced in America and deeply ingrained in our culture. Yet, despite being a culturally distinctive people and having made enormous contributions to American society, the story of the Italian Americans is not always represented or even recognized in our history. Experience has taught us that if we do not tell our story it will not be told. Fortunately, there are many Italian-American organizations across America engaging in activities that help tell our story and celebrate our heritage and history. Italian-Americans have their own network of newspapers, newsletters, magazines, scholarly journals, cultural centers and websites to help preserve and tell our story. Organizations like the Italian Cultural Society offer programs to learn about our Italian heritage and culture and our collective accomplishments so we can educate ourselves on what it means to be Italian-American. 

The Italian Cultural Society's mission is to serve the cultural needs of our community by providing some of the best and most unique cultural programs and activities in our region. Through cultural programs and events, the Italian Center provides opportunity to learn about and share our Italian heritage and history, strengthen our unity and identity, and enable new generations to enjoy and participate through cultural and educational activities.  As a regional center we offer outstanding language,  dance, and cultural  programs which carry on our traditions for young families with children and adults.

The Italian Cultural Society is a nonprofit 501-C(3) organization which serves the community and works to promote and 
preserve the study of Italian language and culture. 

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(Top Photo) The Italian Center in Carmichael (Bottom Photo)  The Society's Balliamo! Dance Troupe in Renaissance Costumes at the Italian Center in Carmichael