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LANGUAGE INCENTIVES: The Italian Cultural Society Italian Language Incentive

The Italian Cultural Society is a nonprofit 501(C)3 organization which serves the community and works to promote and preserve the study of Italian Language and Culture. Our programs provide unique opportunities to strengthen our Italian American community and celebrate Italian Culture. The Italian Cultural Society welcomes people of all backgrounds to learn Italian and participate in Italian Culture. Our organization receives grants from the government of Italy in support of our mission, and we work in close collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy and the Education Office at the Italian Consulate in San Francisco.

FUNDING AVAILABLE" To Public and Private Schools for Italian Language

Northern and Central California, Sacramento, Stockton, San Francisco and other Schools in the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Consulate can offer their students the opportunity to study Italian. Thanks, in part, to a contribution from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) more children in Northern California, the Central Valley and the entire San Francisco Bay Area have the opportunity to study Italian. The Italian Cultural Society and the  Italian Consulate in San Francisco work together to encourage the study of Italian in the United States. Directors Patrizia Cinquini Cerruti and Tonia Prencipe administer the incentive funding program for Italian instruction over this large geographical area to schools with grades K through 12. All schools within this very large region are strongly encouraged to apply for Incentive Funding and give students the opportunity to learn Italian. The deadline to submit your application will be announced in January 2018. Applications will be available for download. The completed form may be submitted via fax (916) 482-5909, or mailed to The Italian Cultural Society at P.O. Box 189427, Sacramento, California 95818 or via e-mail to

There are so many important reasons to teach a second language in the early years of a child's life, and Italian is arguably the easiest language for children to learn. The latest research in language acquisition attests to the benefits of exposing children to even one hour a week to foreign language. This incentive funding allows schools a unique opportunity to provide their students with the benefits to learning Italian.


We are committed to increasing the numbers of students who take the Advanced Placement Italian Language and Culture Exam. Educators and parents are asked to please encourage your students to take the AP in Italian when appropriate.



The Italian Cultural Society is looking for teachers! Native/native-equivalent Italian speakers, who possess a university education and experience teaching children or adults, please contact us.

(All candidates must currently be authorized to work in the US. No exceptions are possible!)

We encourage all qualified persons interested in teaching Italian to send their resumes and contact information to to the Italian Cultural Society PO BOX 189427, Sacramento, California 95818 or to contact their area director so that they may be included in meetings, reunions and mailings. We also are creating a pool of teachers for schools adopting Italian programs. If you are a qualified Italian Instructor please do not hesitate to contact us.

San Francisco and Bay Area please contact Tonia Prencipe at 415-734-1968 or e-mail

Greater Sacramento and Central Valley please contact Patrizia Cinquini at 916-482-5900 or e-mail

If you are not in these areas, other States in the jurisdiction of the Italian Consulate of San Francisco (Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington, Utah, Alaska) please contact the Italian Consulate directly at